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Katarzyna Leśna

Poland - Warsaw


Katarzyna is an experienced public health specialist with many years’ experience in healthcare and clinical research.

She earned her PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Medical Science in Poznan, Poland. Her major area of interest is health promotion and disease prevention programmes.

Prior to joining the Angels Initiative she worked as Head of Scientific and Clinical Studies in 2nd Clinical Hospital in Poznan where she gained experience in working with hospital staff. She has been actively involved in many health and education programmes.

Katarzyna is co-author of the Wide Aorta Program a preventive and educational programme about early detection of aortic aneurysms.

She is also a member of the European Respiratory Society and has worked as a coordinator of World Spirometry Day and World COPD day in Poznan. She has also been invited as a speaker at several scientific conferences.

Katarzyna believes that being an Angels Consultant she can inspire others to become passionate about improving stroke treatment.

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